How to Upload multiple images jQuery Ajax using PHP

By | September 17, 2015


This post on How to Upload multiple images jQuery Ajax using PHP will explain Jquery and PHP to Upload Multiple images at once. You can use this as a reference for your web projects, specially focused on newbies to understand the procedures of images uploading.

How to Upload multiple images jQuery Ajax using PHP

Used a jQuery Library from and create tutorial in more simple way.

We also publish two tutorials on image upload

  1. File uploading with PHP
  2. How to Upload Image using jQuery with progress in PHP

Here is index.html file which contain jQuery library and CSS to handle your requests.

<div id=”mulitplefileuploader”>Upload</div> This div will be replace with the form and input file field and make some are for drag and drop image. <div id=”status”></div>Shows status of images and progress of uploading images.


File contains post upload process and move files in uploads directory.

First check directory and error after that check if single file coming then process separate if multiple files handle in loop.

Add UNIX time stamp with image name to create unique name.

Demo and Download links are as: