FreshIM – WeChat Clone Script

By | September 28, 2015


FreshIM – WeChat Clone Script



  1. Self hostable PHP MySQL based back end server.  Most other sites use a BAAS as their backend, thereby, bound to keep paying Parse or Quickblox even after purchasing their scripts for a premium price. When you buy FreshIM, you are truly free to create your fortunes, without paying a cut to anybody.
  2. One to one chat with image, video, stickers, contact and location share (Private Chat)
  3. Many to Many chat with image, video, stickers, contact and location share (Group Chat)
  4. Message Sent and Seen Notifications
  5. Stickers – You can now share stickers like Facebook Messenger with your friends (You could contract us to create custom stickers for you)

What is Included:

What comes in the box:

  1. iOS 7 compatible native iOS source code for the client (Included in iOS and the combo pack)
  2. Android 4.4 compatible native Android source code for the client  (Included in Android and the combo pack)
  3. Creative UI set pieces and default logo
  4. Instant Messaging App Server Source Code in PHP MySQL that you can host on any server shared, VPS, Dedicated or Cloud
  5. Web Admin Dashboard to control the server, app and the users

What is included in the Paid Installation:

  1. Helping you setup the source code on your machine
  2. Compiling the source code for both iOS and Android on your machine
  3. Basic help in understanding the code.

What I can do with this:

I like to think that you are an entrepreneur or someone who is getting ready to take the leap of faith and about to startup. Here are the ways you can monetize the heck out of our clone script! 1. You can start a fremium messaging service Although the race has started, it is far from over. If you think you have the understanding of your market, that you can pull the crowd to your camp, go ahead and start a free messaging service like Whatsapp, Line or Viber. You can then charge them a subscription fees after the first year or charge them for fun stickers as in-app purchases etc You should also consider this if these mainstream companies do no cater to your geography yet or to your local language 😀 2. Launch one for a family, class, group, team or a company This is the best plan which I would recommend. You can deploy a hosted instant messaging service for anyone who wants a private space to collaborate, on the go. Why don’t companies use Whatsapp? Because all their conversations will end up in Whatsapp’s or WeChat’s servers and that is not good. Whereas, if you can convince a startup, an SME or even a large established company with 100+ employees that you can provide a white label instant messaging service to them…you will soon be a millionaire :)

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